Our Mission

Our Political Essay (the OPE) is an endeavor born out of a desire to create an articulate discourse amongst millennial college students in the 2016 election season. Outside of places like social media and school publications, a platform for views such as these doesn’t exist on the internet. Our Political Essay is designed to create that space.

This publication is built on top of several vital principles. First and foremost, respect. Our Political Essay serves as a non-profit platform for students who support a myriad of candidates and issues. This is why we reach out to college students who support every candidate in the election. (Including independents, third party supporters, etc.)

If we don’t have respect, we have nothing else. Second, we strive for a very high level of content quality. It is absolutely imperative that we have our readership’s trust. All articles are fact checked, and opinion and feature pieces are cited as such. We don’t run attack pieces. We don’t run blatant rhetoric.

Our Political Essay concluded coverage in January, 2017. Learn more here.