Our Political Essay: A Retrospective

When we launched Our Political Essay in early 2016, the primaries for the presidential election were more hectic than they’ve ever been before. A Donald Trump presidency at the time seemed very improbable, if not entirely impossible. It was, without a doubt, the most compelling election to launch a publication to cover.

Through those months, we had over 20 guest contributors from varying colleges and universities, several editorial board articles, and we were on the ground at the primaries, election night, the inauguration, the Women’s March, and elsewhere. We offered a unique insight into the presidential election that you couldn’t read or listen to at other outlets.

From our live election night coverage to our round table podcasts in the months that followed Trump’s election, Our Political Essay, if anything, was a completely enthralling endeavor to be a part of. We’re grateful for every reader and listener who tuned into coverage here on the site. Thank you.

Moving forward, we recommend following our editor-in-chief, Brett Stewart, as he will be continuing political coverage in varying capacities, including over on Statecraft, a podcast that originally launched here on Our Political Essay. Follow your favorite writers, too, as all of their information will remain here on the website!

We won’t update this website much further, however, to maintain its posterity. It will always remain live, without advertisements, as a time capsule of the superb work that happened here.

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