A United Chicago: Photo & Video

On Wednesday, November 9, protesters took to the streets in cities around the nation to protest president-elect Donald Trump. Many of these demonstrations, including the one in Chicago, lasted through the early hours of the morning into Thursday. Contributing reporter Vex Humana was on the scene in downtown Chicago to capture the event.

When Humana arrived at the protest Wednesday evening, it had already been underway since about 5 pm. The crowd circled the loop, walked through traffic on Lake Shore Drive, and found themselves on the beach. From there, they moved back into the city. Uniquely, the traffic and energy of the Windy City was in rhythm with the protesters. Drivers were beeping car horns in time with the crowd’s chants as people left work to join the growing crowd.

In unity, there is always strength. In that same unity, however, strife is not far behind. Outside Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse, a bystander called a protester the n-word, video of which can be found below, including some words from the protester. Conversely, Hamilton patrons leaving the PrivateBank Theatre showed their support for the crowd.



All video and photo courtesy of Vex Humana.

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