A Discussion of Reddit Politics [Podcast]

The official Our Political Essay Round Table podcast that sits down with informed millennial political commentators and talks shop. It’s like your favorite political podcast, except you probably shouldn’t cite us in your thesis.

In this episode of the Our Political Essay Round Table Podcast, editor-in-chief Brett Stewart sits down with contributor Charlie Dean to discuss the fascinatingly complex (and scary) politics of one of the most vibrant social networks of our time: Reddit. Is it a genuine tool to utilize for political discussion and news aggregation? How should you go about using the site? Did Brett accidentally break the site’s terms of service in an Our Political Essay experiment? No? No. Definitely not.

This podcast will launch initially here on the website, but expect it live in all podcast stores by the end of this coming weekend. (iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, the works.) We’ll throw links to those here as they go live.

[Update: 1:42 am – 10/7] Live on Pocket Casts.

Connect with Brett Stewart: @RiversRubin / He also plays things with strings and keys.

Connect with Charlie Dean: Charlie is an internet ghost. So, here’s a hyperlinked Google Images search of dogs skateboarding. (Still definitely worth a click.)

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Photo courtesy of Antonio Zugaldia.

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