The RNC: Should You Get News From BitTorrent?

For the last several hours, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland has become increasingly heated on its first day. Delegates for the ‘Never Trump’ movement are striving for a vote to unbind state delegates, thus offering the possibility to oust Donald Trump on the floor and move the Republican Party away from the billionaire in a last ditch effort to rescue their brand of conservatism. Thus, the convention is one to keep tabs on over the next few days as the unrest unfolds, and there are plenty of places to do it. You can hop on Twitter, a major news network, or BitTorrent. That’s right, BitTorrent has launched BitTorrent News today at the RNC. Is it worth following? Let’s break down the logistics.

BitTorrent News is now live streaming their coverage of the convention on YouTube. You can also get news updates from their official Twitter. The coverage is surprisingly good, with insightful commentary and analysis that offers a different view than that of your typical CNN/FOX talking heads. Right now, YouTube is the only place to watch BitTorrent News on a computer. (It’s worth noting the YouTube stream has been gaining viewers very slowly throughout the day and has yet to have a serious hiccup.)

Outside of the YouTube channel, viewers can catch BitTorrent News on the BitTorrent Live app. Today, they launched the app on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. (Note that the latter only applies to the box, not the stick as well.) It’s also on the Apple App Store, so for mobile coverage, an iPhone is necessary.*

Is this a platform worth following? Absolutely. BitTorrent is an intriguing player to enter the arena of live news, and they’ll have to overcome the stigma of their reputation to be successful. (Or at least, the reputation of torrenting.) It helps immensely that they’ve employed some talented folks for this endeavor. The ‘talking heads’ are independent journalists and pundits that offer fresh, more balanced perspectives on the news. BitTorrent grabbed up Justin Robert Young of the Daily Tech News Show, Michael Shure, the former Chief Political Correspondent for Al Jazeera America, and several other independent voices.

Here’s the live YouTube stream and you can read more about the effort on BitTorrent’s blog post introducing the coverage.

*The BitTorrent Live app on the iTunes store doesn’t seem to available yet in the US store. We’re reaching out to BitTorrent and will attempt to get an ETA. We will update here.

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