Dear Mr. Trump: A Conservative’s Open Letter

(Editor’s note: This is an OPE op-ed. They aren’t news stories, and thus, they reflect the author’s views. Enjoy!)

Mr. Donald John Trump,

You support gun-control, a weaker military, increased government control of the economy and our healthcare systemdeals with our enemies, you have before proudly deemed yourself “pro-choice in every respect,” and now you misconstrue the pro-life position.

You spout racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and cruel statements towards people from all walks of life. You fire inflammatory remarks aimed at inciting the masses to your cause. You have aimed to take advantage of the anger existing in this country for your own self-gain.

I may be young, but I know that this is not my conservatism. No, my conservatism does not tear people down; my conservatism is a ladder of opportunity that serves to lift people up.

My conservatism is hopeful and optimistic for a future ever brighter and a life ever better.

My conservatism embraces the freedoms guaranteed to every individual.

My conservatism does not cast off whole groups of religions or races; my conservatism embraces all people and recognizes the inherent worth and infinite potential for good of every single human being.

My conservatism believes in America as a force for good in this world and seeks to stand with our allies.

My conservatism doesn’t take advantage of people’s fears and frustrations, but encourages hope and optimism for a better world.

The world today is perilous, the current president has drastically removed the United States from the world stage, as I have written about before, leaving a vacuum that Russia and China has aimed to fill and giving room for dictators to continue oppressing their people, and terrorist groups to seize large swaths of land and export violence. People are afraid. People want to be able to go through their lives knowing that their family is safe and they will see them again at the end of the day. You make empty promises and take advantage of our hopes for a better life and a better world.

You consider yourself outside of the political system but you played the political game for far longer than most. You’ve given thousands of dollars to entrenched politicians for the purpose of self-advancement, which you proudly admit to.

Trump Rally

You do not believe in the foundations of conservatism or liberalism. You believe solely in yourself and are willing to do or say whatever it takes to get yourself into the highest office in the land. You are a selfish man, stopping at no ends for promotion of you and your brand and I fear how you would use the presidency.

I stand as a proud Republican and conservative who will not support you, Mr. Donald Trump.

At the beginning of this election I was very hopeful for the party. We had a large swath of incredibly impressive candidates with great careers. We had a diverse group that truly reflected a modernizing party for the 21st century. I wholeheartedly believed and still believe that this election would and can be a rejection of the stereotypes that democrats and others attribute to our party. I believe, as Marco Rubio stated, that the “children of the Reagan revolution” would and will come forward to run our country and our party in a new and optimistic American century.

Donald Trump, you are detrimental to this party and this nation. You have lowered the political discourse and have dragged down by the ankles what is one of the most important elections in this nation’s history. I refuse to stand idle as a megalomaniac attempts to seize the Republican name. Our party needs to unite around a true conservative in this election and reject you once and for all.

You will never be my nominee.

We need to stand together to stop this man, for he can never be the face of My Republican Party.

Hunter Estes, Georgetown University

Feature photos courtesy of Darron Birgenheier.

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