Chicago’s March For Bernie

This afternoon, Feb. 27, several thousand protesters took to the streets in downtown Chicago for the ‘#MarchForBernie2.’ The march began with a rally at Daley Plaza and eventually moved onward through the city, across the river, and onto Magnificent Mile. An array of other cities in the country were home to similar events this afternoon as well.

Organized on social media, the march was very civil and well executed, though the Chicago Police Department was on hand in full force to keep supporters from overflowing streets. Cries of economic disenfranchisement and chants of revolution echoed through the procession as the march specifically targeted several media outlets with outward facing cameras or newsrooms.

Our Political Essay reporters were on the ground to talk to supporters and organizers. The first round of photos can be found above. (Photos by Brett Stewart) Conrad Floter, a Sanders supporter who has been volunteering at campaign phone banks, sees Sanders’ movement as one that’s larger than any individual candidate. Listen below….

Conrad Floter

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