We Were on the Ground in New Hampshire

On Feb. 9, I embarked on a journey to see what we could of the New Hampshire primary. Now, the state is not that big, but since I’m smack dab in the center of it in Laconia, it took some time to get more south where all the politicians were. I got to Derry early in the day to grab lunch and cover our first candidate – Chris Christie. (Of course, Christie is out now. But, you must give the man credit – He went out dragging Rubio the Robot down with him.)

He’s a very friendly man… a down to earth guy. In and out in less than half a hour, he managed to shake everyone’s hand and take photos with everyone. In the same parking lot, we found a much more erratic candidate – Vermin Supreme, who hails from Rockport, Massachusetts, has been running in this primary since 1992.

[wpvideo jSypgSIH]

He was loud, friendly, and gave Christie a hard time as his group flaunted their flamboyance and waved giant toothbrushes around. (Why? His mandatory tooth-brushing legislation proposals, of course.) Supreme also endeavors to actually kill baby Hitler via time travel, to solve the energy crisis with hungry zombies, and to provide every American with a pony to create a National Pony Identification Program.

[wpvideo AwlYuRer]

There were many peculiarities on the ground in New Hampshire: a pro-Trump Muslim discussing his platform with local media, a local folk hero penning songs for Sanders, and Robot Rubio, an activist. The primary ended up being a resounding victory for the Sanders and Trump camps. Can they maintain that moving into the South, though? Polls for the former in South Carolina suggest a rocky road ahead.

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