Your Bernie Sanders Meme Is Wrong

As Sanders supporters leave the chaos of New York with heavy hearts, the end of the candidate’s longevity seems to be within grasping distance. Now, one could argue this has been a slow death. The populist took destructive hits on Super Tuesday, and powered on through several more devastating losses. His success in caucuses, while morale building, has proven ineffective in the arena of delegates. Continue reading Your Bernie Sanders Meme Is Wrong

A Case for Socialism in 2016

The problems of modern capitalist society are evident to any observer regardless of political leanings. Economic crises punctuate the dream-world of the bourgeoisie with a regularity only matched by the receding of the tides. Underneath this superficial crisis lies a more hidden permanent crises, an interdependent matrix consisting of soaring relative inequality, increasing unemployment, environmental degradation… Continue reading A Case for Socialism in 2016